About The Practice


Appointments and Consultations

To schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 757-827-9259.
Our staff will be pleased to assist you in any way possible. All efforts will be made to accommodate your schedule.

After you have made an appointment, we will call you one day in advance as a courtesy to remind you of your upcoming appointment.

Please make sure that you have the following items with you when you arrive for your appointment:

  • Insurance card(s)
  • Primary Care Physician referral or consultation request (if applicable)
  • All current prescriptions and/or over-the-counter medications that you are taking, including dose and frequency.
  • Previous blood test results and any referring physician dictations which would be applicable to this office visit.
  • Co-payment (due at the time of your visit)


If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you kindly notify us with at least 48 hours notice. This courtesy, on your part, will make it possible to give your appointment to another patient.


Please bring all medicines you are taking with you when you come to the office or the hospital. This helps us review your medications with you at the time of your visit, to keep our records up-to-date, and to let us know if there is any medicine you may have received from another physician.

Do not discontinue any medication without first consulting your doctor.

Should you need to have a prescription refilled, please call your pharmacist during office hours and give him the prescription number. Please allow 48 hours. The pharmacist will call us for permission to refill the medication and this will enable us to record this on your medical record. WE DO NOT FILL REQUESTS FOR REFILLS ON NIGHTS OR WEEKENDS. Written prescriptions should be requested at the time of your office visit.

Medical Records

To obtain copies of your medical records, you may contact our Medical Records Department at 757-827-9259. We require you to fill out a Medical Records Release Form prior to sending your records out. If you are requesting copies of records to be sent directly to another physician, there is no charge. However, there is a nominal charge for copies of medical records in all other circumstances for which payment is required in advance. We require 10 working days to complete all medical record requests.


If a diabetes emergency occurs during office hours, please call Dr. Chemplavil at (757) 827-9259 or our Answering Service (757) 594-2000. You will be directed either to come to the office or to the emergency room, depending upon the situation. Please do not go directly to the hospital without speaking to the office staff or doctor first, unless you have called 911.

For all other emergencies not related to diabetes, please call your Primary Care Physician, 911, or go directly to the emergency room.

For after-hours emergencies (between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday or on the weekend), call our office number (757-827-9259) and listen to the recorded message for more information.